Mangoes, one of my favorite fruits!!

Hey dolls! Do you love mangoes as much as I do? They are one of my favorite fruits and now that the season is coming back it makes me happy to be able to go out and get me a box of these bad boys. Yes, I bought a whole box of these. Heehee, I really do love mangoes. I bought these delicious and sweet mangoes and while eating them I was looking up the their nutritional benefits, I mean aside of the fact that they are soooo good!! Not that I need a reason to enjoy them anymore then I already do. However, this is some of what I found out after reading a little about mangoes. Keep in mind information is not limited to only this list, this is just what I gathered in my own search.

  • It is said that mangoes will help in lowering Cholesterol (high in vitamin C).
  • High in iron.
  • Help in improving your digestive system.
  • They will boost your immune system (vitamin C and A).
  • Great in clearing up your skin (high in antioxidants).
  • Aide in balancing your insulin levels.
  • Help with eyesight (rich in vitamin A).
  • Support weight loss.
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Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, I have included information that I gathered from reading about mangos. I am not responsible for personal actions or change in anyones eating habits.

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