The hard part is getting started.

Hey dolls, happy Sunday! Is it just me or does the weekend seem to pass us by ? It’s like you work all week and look forward to Saturday morning where you can simply  sleep in and enjoy some relaxation. Then, BOOM its Sunday and its back to prepping for the work week. Well I guess we have no other choice but to roll with it. So, today was a beautiful morning in the mid 50’s with clear skies and sun making it the perfect recipe for a run.  Just look at this beautiful trail..Trail

Fitness does it come easy?

Do you find yourself searching through instagram and getting motivated on meal prepping and working out and doing all things fitness related? BUT, then find it difficult and challenging to get stated? Well that is the story of my life. I find that getting started and sticking to a fitness routine is simply the hardest. This honestly is like the hundredth time I have began a workout regimen. I start off motivated and eager to live a healthier lifestyle and then fall off the wagon. Why is it so hard?! It’s a constant battle of choosing healthy over fast/convenient, the gym over Netflix/lounging, pop over water, sweets over fruits/veggies, fried over grilled, need over want, I mean the list can go on and on. The sad part is that many times we are fully aware that the bad choices we are making are not the healthiest. Personally, I know that going for seconds on a bowl of pasta is not healthy, that if I also had a salad or veggies I wouldn’t need the extra carbs from the pasta. Yet, I make pasta and have no veggies insight. This is an example, of the fact that it’s not that I don’t know how to eat healthy, I just choose not to eat healthy.

Need vs Want

Do I need that bag of chips at lunch? I’m pretty sure I don’t but I definitely want it. Need vs Want is asking yourself what food and fuel do you need to give your body so it can perform at its best. Do we simply eat certain foods because we need them? Or is it because we want them? This is yet another struggle for me, because I tend to consume many foods that I want but don’t need as they have absolutely no good fuel for my body. Do you find yourself eating several “want” foods vs “need” foods? Its a work a progress and constant battle.

Its all mental

Somethings I have to always ask myself are, “Am I willing to do what is healthy and right for myself?” “Do I have the will power to stick with it?” “Am I eating because I am hungry or bored?” It’s all mental I tell you!! We eat when we are happy, sad, stressed, mourning, depressed, anxious and emotional. All these factors among others play a role in the way we eat and when we eat. It’s working through the underlaying issues that we are facing. Personally, I at times find myself eating when I am bored. If I am not keeping myself busy I am munching on something and 9 out of 10 its not carrot nor apple. Its simply mind over matter. Choosing what is right/healthy from what we know is wrong or unhealthy.

So what am I going to do?

This morning’s run on that beautiful trail was freeing, relaxing, distressing and simply made me find that self worth within me. Lighting up that fire within that knows better then to allow myself to continue on a road of my body’s destruction. I once again am starting to fuel my body and not just feed my body. I know what I need to do and I have to do. I am a work in progress and thats ok. Today was like a wake-up call that I need to care for myself because no one else is responsible for my health and body but ME! Today’s run is (again) the beginning of a journey to health and self love. A journey that I have traveled in the past but for whatever reason have given up. Its never to late no matter how many times you have started and failed, we just have to keep on moving. I am going to do a little meal prepping and soul searching and move forward. Continue to motivate myself and establish a routine for working out. A routine that is logical and that will allow me to be successful!

This I know is not easy but it’s also not impossible. It’s a lifestyle and not a diet. It’s a learning process that will only get easier as time goes by. I know what to do and I am going to put that in action. Don’t get me wrong I love healthy foods but, I also love junk foods so I know that it will be a challenge but its not something that will beat my want to a healthier lifestyle. Todays run was reviving and I welcome it!

How do you live a healthy lifestyle? What do you do to keep yourself motivated and determined to workout and eat healthy? Feel free to share your thoughts and tips! As always these are my personal thoughts and experiences.

Happy Blogging!