It’s May!!Current Candle Obsessions.

Hey dolls! Have you ever sat back and just contemplated on the little/simplest things that life has to offer? Counted your blessings on the small things in life? Well, one of those “small things in life” for me are Candles. I absolutely love candles. I love to gift and receive candles. Most of the scents I enjoy are fruity and fresh. I almost always purchase my candles from Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle or Target Glade brand. Those are my go-to’s and know I won’t be disappointed. So far this month, I am loving these two amazing scents from Bath and Body Works, White Barn collection.

thumbnailThis is a new scent for me it’s a citrus Lemon scent, made with essential oils. It smells just like fresh lemons. Just opening it up you get that strong but not overpowering scent which I appreciate.The good thing about these candles is that they are not annoying scents that will bring on a headaches.

This other candle is a repurchase and I must say one of my favorites scents. Its the Pink Pineapple scent. It has hints of fresh pineapple, sugared berries and lemon zest according to the ingredients. This one smells AMAZINGG!! 



I know May just started but so far these two are my favorite candle scents. At the moment the Lemon scented candle I just have as decoration in my bathroom. However, the Pink Pineapple I am very much enjoying. Personally candles relax me and bring about positive vibes, which at times serve as a form of de-stress. So aside of their wonderful scent and decoration purposes they are good for mood changing :).

Recently Bath and Body Works had them for $10.00 and I took advantage and bought me a few. They normally retail for $24.00. So always look out for the sale the store normally has.

Let me know if you have purchased any of these two scented candles and what you thought of them. Or is there a scent I should be checking out as May rolls on?

Thank you for reading!

Happy Blogging! 🙂


Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me and with my own money. As always, the opinions stated are that of my own personal views and thoughts. All pictures were also taken by me. This post is not sponsored by any company.