It’s that time again..Sephora Play Box: May 2018.

This month’s theme: #BEAUTYGOALS: Then VS Now


Hey dolls! So my Sephora Play Box came in the mail and this is what I received. So the theme vibe this month has to do with beauty goals: Then VS Now. Implying that before one might not have been quite the makeup/skincare extraordinaire, however, with time now you are! The way they propose this idea with their comics on the pamphlet they send is rather fun. It gives examples of various growth of ones makeup/skincare skills.

Whats in the bag.. 

First of all the bag is a cute faux denim material with a shoe lace like draw string. The products I received are:

  • MARC JACOBS: mascara in Noir
  • BENEFIT Cosmetics: the POREfessional Face Primer
  • DRYBAR: Detox dry shampoo
  • KAT VON D: Tattoo liner in Trooper
  • SEPHORA Collection: Mud mask purifying & mattifying
  • YVES SAINT LAURENT: Black Opium perfume (BONUS)


This MARC JACOBS mascara is in the color noir. According to the pamphlet it’s said to be a velvet  noir major volume mascara. It’s advertised as no-clump, highly pigmented,  having a curvy brush to give your lashes a voluminous appearance. If applied after three coats, it’s supposed to help increase length and give a dramatic eyelash look. My eyelashes are super stubborn so I hope this product will give me the volume and length I need!


This pore primer by Benefit POREfessional is supposed to be good for minimizing the appearance of pores. It’s a translucent, oil-free priming balm. Helps control the shine and contains vitamin E which helps protect against skin damaging free radicals. I have been wanting to give this product a try but had been hesitant on getting it. So needless to say I am excited to try it and see if its worth getting a regular size.


This detox dry shampoo by Drybar is said to be a fan favorite. It’s supposed to add volume while absorbing the dirt and oil in between your hair washes. It contains a micro-fine rice powder, this is for oil and order absorption. The powder blends in your hair so you don’t have to worry about any powder being visible. It’s also supposed to add moisture as well as prevent breakage. So, I currently use a dry shampoo and its not bad but I will give this one a dry and compare to what I currently use. I don’t like to wash my hair everyday as I noticed it falls out more and over all not healthy for your hair to wash it daily. So having a good dry shampoo is a must for me.


The tattoo liner by Kat Von D, is the bomb! This is a waterproof, smudgeproof  liquid eyeliner. Highly pigmented, buildable and fast drying formula.I just finished my regular size of this product and this was such a nice to surprise to get. I will be repurchasing this product as I do like it. It gives a great wing tip because the superfine brush tip is so precise and easy to work with. The tip is inspired by a tattoo needle which is very much appreciated for a nice wing line look.


Here we have a Sephora collection mud mask. This mask is supposed to be great for purifying, detoxifying and magnifying the skin. It has zinc and copper which will help in clarifying the skin. It’s also supposed to be good for reducing the appearance of blemishes and leaving the skin feeling soft. I am a big fan of masks so I am super excited to try this product out.


This is the bonus item, as always a perfume! This time we have the Black OPIUM by Yves Saint Laurent. It has hints of coffee, vanilla and sweet white flower. It smells a bit to sweet for me, so I am not too keen on this one. As I have said before I don’t mind them only because they give me a chance to try the different scents. However, a different product besides perfumes would be nice every now and then. 

So this is it! This was a pretty good play box and can’t wait to try out some of these products. 

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Disclaimer: This play box is purchased with my own money. Information was obtained using the Sephora Play Box pamphlet. 

IPSY May 2018/ First bag impression.


Hey Dolls! So this is my first time ever getting a subscription with IPSY. I received my first bag early this week and I wanted to share the goodies in my bag. I will be sharing my first IPSY bag impression. So the theme for this bag is travel: Go There, I’m getting lost in your travels and exploring the world type of vibes. The makeup bag itself is quiet creative. Its yellow with various travel stamps on the front and then a pretty salmon/coral color on the back. The attention to detail is appreciated as well, as the zipper charm has an airplane on one side and IPSY logo on the other. Super cute is my first impression. Now lets move on to the good stuff!

These are the items in the bag:


My first thought was for this being my first bag it was good. I really liked the variation as I  received some makeup, skincare and a brush. When I filled out the profile I asked for skincare and makeup as well as brushes so, I’m thinking so far so good IPSY! So here we have products from brands I hadn’t tried before so it’s pretty exciting to check them out!


EyekoLiquid Eyeliner in Black. This product is said to be*: smudge proof, fade proof, deep black color. It has a felt tip which I personally like. Great for creating a precise wing line and cat eye look! Happy to have received this product because I absolutely love deep black eyeliners, so I’m hoping this works out great for me.


Beaute Basics Satin Taupe Eyeshadow. This is more of a bronze shimmery color. It appears to have a metallic finish and its nicely pigmented. It’s said* to be long lasting, blendable, and can be used dry or wet. Looking forward to creating a nice neutral look with this. Also, pictured is a Beau Gachis– Tapered Blending Brush. Its made of synthetic hairs and its soft and fluffy. It’s said to be good for applying highlight and sculpting as well as applying eyeshadow. I do not own any brushes by this brand so this is new to me! Also, excited to try it out. 

thumbnail-5 Here is a swatch of the eyeliner and Taupe eyeshadow. You can see the metallic finish it has. I’m sure on the eye it will look gorgeous. The eyeliner is BOMB!! It seems to have a matte finish and that I am loving.


NYXSoft Matte Lip Cream in Cannies. First let me say I did not swatch this as I do not plan on keeping it. I was not at all a fan of the color. It is way to dark for my skin complexion so I know it won’t look good on me. This is said* to be smooth and creamy. It smells like vanilla cupcakes. Its supposed to be a medium, soft mauve hue but its much darker in person. 


Grace & Stella Dead Sea Mud Mask. I was really excited to see this. I love love love face masks, I am seriously all about them. This is said* to be made with actual Dead Sea mud. It will detoxify and clear impurities giving a soft  and smooth complexion. The formula is fast-working and it helps with the appearance of fine lines and pores is what they claim will be the case after one use. So we shall see. It’s also supposed to give hydration and glow to your skin.

Well this is it. As I said over all the products in my first bag were not disappointing. I enjoyed my first IPSY bag and look forward to next months goodies. I can’t wait to try out my products and see if they have a future in my makeup and skincare collection. 

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Disclaimer: Thoughts are that of my own opinion. Information with (*) is information obtained through research about product on IPSY website. Products were paid with my own money.

Do you sheet mask??

Hey dolls! So do you sheet mask? If so which ones are your favorite? I am a sucker for facial sheet masks and well masks in general. I do have some gel, clay and peel off masks but those I will share in another post. Today is all about SHEET MASKSIf you have read any of my other posts you will know that I am big on skin care and trying out products that will hydrate, moisturize, nourish and revive my skin. Facial sheet masks do just that, while being gentle enough to use on a weekly basis. I usually use them 2 times a week for 10-20 minutes or depending on how dry or dehydrated my skin texture feels. Here are some of the ones I currently have at hand.


The Sephora/Pink masks I repurchase regularly, they have several masks to choose from depending on what you are in need of. The cucumber mask by Forever21 is amazing as well, super refreshing and smells just like cucumber! The Creme, Freeman and Global Beauty care I have not yet tried but will soon! Let me just say, if you haven’t used facial sheet mask before I highly recommend them, they are like having your own little spa treatment at home!


These are solely eye masks. The Yesto and Sephora are amazing. I haven’t tried the TonyMoly as of yet. After a night out these are great to use to help with puffiness and exhaustion. 

Over all Pros:

  • Easy to use.
  • Instant: hydration, nourishment,moisturizing, brightening, refreshing and smoothing
  • Anti-aging benefits.
  • 10-20minutes and Poof! healthy looking skin!
  • Personal spa treatment.
  • Easy to take when traveling.
  • Easy clean up!
  • Some are fun and creative (such as the Unicorn mask).
  • De-stress after a busy and tiring day.


  • Pricy (Personally, I usually spend between $1-10.00/mask) So take advantage when they are on sale!!
  • They can become ADDICTING!! (haha, the things we do for healthy skin!)
  • Sheet mask are only a one time use.

So there you have it. Sheet masks/eye masks seriously give me life, especially on days when I feel like my face has been through a lot! I tend to purchase a few on most of my Ulta or Target runs. I also like to gift them to friends and families as little pick me ups when I know that are going through busy/hard times. They are also great for girls nights. Personally, they are a staple for me and have saved me from looking horrendous on days when I know I didn’t get enough sleep. If you don’t already use them, I do recommend you check them out. Let me know if you already use them and which are your favorites. 

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Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me and with my own money. As always, the opinions stated are that of my own personal views and thoughts. All pictures were also taken by me.

Skincare: Daily night routine

Hey dolls! Sharing my daily night routine. These are the products I use everyday and have been loving so far. My skin is very sensitive so I am always on the search for products that are gentle on the skin but effective in cleansing and moisturizing.

So on that note lets get to it! The products are the OLAY Micropolishing Cleaning Infusion, Fresh Soy face cleaner, Fresh Rose face mask, Clinique Revitalizing moisturizer, it Confidence in cream and the Fresh Sugar lip polish. Now before I even begin to wash my face I put on one of those cute and fluffy headbands that help keep all the hair back.  Then, I wash my face with either the Olay cleanser or the Fresh cleanser. I have been enjoying using both of these products and use them interchangeably. I then move on to the Fresh mask and leave that on my face for 10-15 minutes. After, I wash my face, I pat it dry and use either the Clinique moisturizer or the it Confidence in a cream. These two moisturizers leave my skin feeling amazing so I rotate their use as well. Lastly, I give my lips some love and attention as well so I use the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish followed by some good old school Carmax in original. I have been following this skin routine for a bit over 2 months and have noticed my skin feeling softer, more hydrated and not as tired looking. I can totally see a difference as far as having a natural glow and healthy look. So I will continue with this routine until I come across another product that is just as good as what I am currently using. As I have said, I am always on the search for good facial skin products. So I am never content for too long of a time and honestly I think it’s important to try different products as time and seasons pass because your skin changes and the need for hydration and moisture also changes.

The 411 on the products!!

Olay Micropolishing Cleaning Infusion:

  • When I say this product is amazing I mean it!! This product has crushed ginger and citrus extract the help with hydrating and moisturizing the skin. It has a refreshing scent and conditions the skin as it washes all the impurities on your face. It is soft enough to use on a daily basis yet, strong and effective enough to give you a glowing and radiant healthy looking skin. This retails at about $10.

 Fresh Soy face cleaner:

  • This product is good for all skin types. Its a gel consistency and rich in amino acids and soy protein which help with your skins elasticity. It tones, soothes and softens your skin, leaving a  radiant and healthy end result. It’s literally so fresh you can smell the cucumber and feel the hydration entering your skin. I absolutely love this product. This retails at about $15.

Fresh Rose Face Mask:

  • This face mask guys is life! It is infused with actual rose petals which help with hydrating and toning the skin. Upon putting it on your face it gives a cooling and lightweight feel. Its so easy to apply, you just spread it all over your face and give it 10-15 minutes to work its magic! The end result of this product is a healthy glow with lots of hydration. The size I have is the mini size and it retails for about $25.

Clinique Turnaround overnight/Revitalizing Moisturizer:

  • If you have very dry to combination skin this product is the one for you! This cream  is said to work overnight delivering a energy infused skin the next morning. Its a total nighttime renewal as it nourishes and moisturizes your skin while you sleep. Its great for dullness and uneven textured skin. I still use this because with the cold days that are still amidst I need to make sure my skin is being taken care of. I have noticed a more firm and not so dry feel which is great! This product retails for about $40 for a 1.7 fl.oz. size.

It Confidence in a cream:

  • Anti-aging!!! have I said enough?! No, seriously as time passes well ladies so does the youthfulness of the skin. SO anti-aging is your best friend after your 20’s. Made with collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to name a few are all effective in aiding the look of a healthy and youthful skin. This is great for all skin types, it rejuvenates, quick absorbing, non-irritating and reduces the look of large pores and fine lines. Its just AMAZING!! A full size retails at $48 or travel size for $16 if you want to try it out before investing.

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish:

  • This is a gentle brown sugar exfoliant the helps scrub away dead flaky skin from your lips. It conditions and hydrates and smoothes the texture of your lips while exfoliating. This product I use 2-3 times a week and have noticed much softer and smoother lips. I also use Carmax for added moisture after exfoliation. This retails at about $24.

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