Red Lippies: My top 3!!ūüíĄ

Hey dolls!So I bring you today my 3 favorite go to red liquid lippies.


You might be looking at them and thinking..”..but they all look the same!” Well yes and Although, they are in the same color way, they really do have some difference in undertone. It might also be the picture that doesn’t fully allow their color to show. Either way let me tell you that I absolutely love a¬†RED¬†lipūüíč. Its my go to color and honestly goes well with most outfits I wear. Personally, I love the matte finish liquid lipsticks and tend to wear those the most, at the time the Smashbox: Bang-Bang is my favorite!!

The products featured in this post are from: Wet n Wild, NYX, and Smashbox. Swatches in the picture below from top to to bottom:

  • Missy and Fierce-Matte Lipstick (Wet n¬†Wild)~ So this color let me tell you is lovely. Especially for the price this is a great formula and color. This liquid lipstick is moisturizing, doesn’t give you a dry lip appearance. Dries matte and is long lasting. Very pigmented red. This is one of my top favorite lippies!! Retails for $4.99
  • Red Queen- Slip Tease Liquid Lipstick (NYX)~¬†I like this one as well because this formula is also moisturizing, its a oil based liquid lipstick so that helps. It’s a bright red and does dry up semi-matte. For the price this is another great and well worth buy! Retails for $6.99
  • Bang-Bang-Liquid Lipstick (Smashbox)~¬†I absolutely LOVE LOVE this one. The formula is so good, moisturizing and long lasting. I mean you seriously have to wipe several times so that it comes off your lips. Some might not like that, but personally I don’t mind it as I don’t have to be reapplying often. The color is very pigmented and super lasting. Once you wipe it off you don’t have to worry about having dry lips. Although it will leave a light tint on your lips. This color goes very nice with most outfits day and night so its definitely my #1 go to. Retails for $24.00


So this is it. I have a few other red liquidlipsticks but I wanted to share my top 3ūüíĄ because they are the one I always tend to use. I love red/berry color lipsticks I feel they compliment my skin tone nicely. Let me know if you own any of these and what your thoughts are!

Thank you for reading.

Happy Blogging!

Disclaimer: As always these are my personal thoughts and opinions. Items were all purchased by me.

IPSY May 2018/ First bag impression.


Hey Dolls!¬†So this is my first time ever getting a subscription with IPSY. I received my first bag early this week and I wanted to share the goodies in my bag. I will be sharing my first IPSY bag impression. So the theme for this bag is travel: Go There, I’m getting lost in your travels and exploring the world type of vibes. The makeup bag itself is quiet creative. Its yellow with various travel stamps on the front and then a pretty salmon/coral color on the back. The attention to detail is appreciated as well, as the zipper charm has an airplane on one side and IPSY logo on the other. Super cute is my first impression. Now lets move on to the good stuff!

These are the items in the bag:


My first thought was for this being my first bag it was good. I really liked the variation as¬†I¬† received some¬†makeup, skincare and a brush. When¬†I filled out the profile¬†I asked for skincare and makeup as well as brushes so,¬†I’m thinking so far so good IPSY! So here we have products from brands¬†I¬†hadn’t tried before so it’s pretty¬†exciting to check them out!


EyekoLiquid Eyeliner in Black.¬†This product is said to be*: smudge proof, fade proof, deep black color. It has a felt tip which I personally like. Great for creating a precise wing line and cat eye look! Happy to have received this product because I absolutely love deep black eyeliners, so I’m hoping this works out great for me.


Beaute Basics Satin Taupe Eyeshadow.¬†This is more of a bronze shimmery color. It appears to have a metallic finish and its nicely pigmented. It’s said* to be long lasting, blendable, and can be used dry or wet. Looking forward to creating a nice neutral look with this. Also, pictured is a Beau Gachis–¬†Tapered Blending Brush. Its made of synthetic hairs and its soft and fluffy. It’s said to be good for applying highlight and sculpting as well as applying eyeshadow. I do not own any brushes by this brand so this is new to me! Also, excited to try it out.¬†

thumbnail-5¬†Here is a swatch of the eyeliner and Taupe eyeshadow. You can see the metallic finish it has. I’m sure on the eye it will look gorgeous. The eyeliner is BOMB!! It seems to have a matte finish and that I am loving.


NYXSoft Matte¬†Lip Cream in Cannies.¬†First let me¬†say¬†I¬†did not swatch this as¬†I do not plan on keeping it. I was not at all a fan of the color. It is way to¬†dark for my skin¬†complexion so¬†I know it¬†won’t look good on me. This is¬†said* to be smooth and creamy. It smells like vanilla cupcakes. Its¬†supposed to be a medium, soft mauve hue but its much darker in¬†person.¬†


Grace & Stella¬†Dead Sea Mud Mask.¬†I was really excited to see this. I love love love face masks, I am seriously all about them. This is said* to be made with actual Dead Sea mud. It will detoxify and clear impurities giving a soft ¬†and smooth complexion. The formula is fast-working and it helps with the appearance of fine lines and pores is what they claim will be the case after one use. So we shall see. It’s also supposed to give hydration and glow to your skin.

Well this is it. As I said over all the products in my first bag were not disappointing. I enjoyed my first IPSY bag and look forward to next months goodies. I can’t wait to try out my products and see if they have a future in my makeup and skincare collection.¬†

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Disclaimer: Thoughts are that of my own opinion. Information with (*) is information obtained through research about product on IPSY website. Products were paid with my own money.